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        Bank of Russia Banknotes of 1997 Issue

5-ruble banknote
10-ruble banknote
50-ruble banknote
100-ruble banknote
500-ruble banknote
1000-ruble banknote
        Bank of Russia Banknotes of 1997 Issue (modified of 2004)

10-ruble banknote (modified of 2004)
50-ruble banknote (modified of 2004)
100-ruble banknote (modified of 2004)
500-ruble banknote (modified of 2004)
1000-ruble banknote (modified of 2004)

5-Ruble Banknote

5-Ruble Banknote

    The 5-Ruble banknote is designed on the basis of the 5,000-Ruble banknote of the 1995 issue. It is 137 mm by 61 mm and it is made on paper of a light-green hue, containing violet, red and light-green fibres. The predominant colour of the banknote is green. The paper has local watermarks on the left and right coupon fields. On the broad coupon field is St. Sofia's Cathedral in Novgorod and on the narrow coupon field is the figure 5. The paper contains a vertical security thread, which becomes visible when the banknote is held to the light. The thread bears the recurrent, direct and reverse inscription "", printed with a black paint.

    On the obverse side of the banknote is the dark-blue Bank of Russia logo, the figure 5 printed in a dark-green colour and the embossed inscription "" (Bank of Russia Note), printed in a dark-green colour, which changes into dark-blue on the word "". In the centre is an engraved picture of the monument built in Novgorod to commemorate Russia's millenary; the left part of the monument is dark-blue and the right one is dark-green; in the background is St. Sofia's Cathedral in Novgorod. Below is the figure 5, printed with a silvery paint, the legend "Counterfeiting Bank of Russia Notes Is an Indictable Crime", embossed signs for people with poor sight, the inscription "" (Five Rubles), and a stylised ribbon, whose left part is dark-blue and right one is dark-green. The ribbon bears two Cyrillic letters PP, which can only be seen when one scrutinises the banknote under the oblique incident light (kipp-effect). In the lower part of the right coupon field is a grey-coloured ornamental rosette with the light-coloured denomination 5 in its left and right parts and the green-coloured figure 5 in the centre. On the left side of the central part of the note is a multi-coloured ornamental vertical band. In the centre of the narrow left-hand coupon field is the code and serial numbers of the banknote, printed in a red-brown colour; in the upper part of the wide right-hand coupon field are the code and serial number of the note, printed in a dark-green colour. The code consists of two letters and the serial number consists of seven digits.

    In the upper left- and right-hand corners of the reverse side of the banknote are the figures 5 in ornamental rosettes printed in a green colour. In the centre is the engraved image of the fortress wall of the Novgorod Kremlin; on the left under the engraving is the inscription "Novgorod" in an ornamental frame, further are six dark-blue double horizontal bands bearing the recurrent microprinted motto "" and a large figure 5, printed in a dark-green colour. Below is the lettered denomination "" (Five Rubles), printed in dark-green and dark-blue colours, the blue-coloured issue year 1997. On the right in the central part is a multi-coloured ornamental vertical band, whose blue elements match the white elements of the obverse side and form a single pattern with them when the note is held to the light.