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Information on Registration and Licensing of Credit Institutions


Operating Credit Institutions and their Branches

Grouping of Operating Credit Institutions by Registered Authorised Capital


Foreign Cash Flow Through Authorized Banks Across Russia


Foreign Currency Brought into and Taken out of the Russian Federation by Authorised Banks


Selected Indicators Featuring Foreign Cash Transactions by Authorized Banks' Exchange Offices


Volume of Foreign Cash Transactions between Authorised Banks and Individuals

Average Foreign Cash Purchase and Sale Transactions with Individuals by Authorized Banks  
Selected Indicators of Credit Institutions Performance Grouped by Assets
Personal Deposits and Individual Entrepreneur's Funds  
Corporate and Bank Deposits  
Deposit and Savings Certificates and Bonds  
Funds Owned by Legal Entities and Individuals and Raised Through Bills  
Corporate, Interbank and Personal Loans  
Structure of Credit Institutions' Investments in Securities  
Discounted Bills  
Credit Institutions' Claims and Liabilities on Financial Derivatives  

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